Alexander Minder

Welcome to my personal website! I'm a serial entrepreneur based in Monaco. I'm passionate about living my life by design and contributing to humanity. 

Things that keep me (very) busy/ what I’m excited about:

Funnel Fuel -

I'm the Managing Director of Funnel Fuel - a sales consulting agency that works with early stage B2B companies to accelerate their growth. We are a team of sales and lead gen experts and we get results. Fast. Funnel Fuel leverages cutting edge tactics on top of proven processes to supercharge our client's pipeline.

Red Tail Ventures -

I'm a Founding Partner at Red Tail Ventures - a boutique investment firm that works with companies at an early stage to add strategic value via introductions, business development support and capital. We partner with industry leaders to grow innovative companies and provide diverse opportunities to our investor network.

Outer Heaven -

I'm an investor / semi-frequent patron of Outer Heaven - a bespoke cocktail lounge & microclub located at 191 Chrystie Street in New York City.

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